(including helpful information and suggestions)


a.  Prices are shown per person, double occupancy (sharing room). 

b.  Single supplement applies to anyone traveling alone.

c.  Triple/family rooms are possible, but sometimes not available.  Prices will be figured accordingly.

d.  The deposit is $500, due at time of booking.  The deposit is non-refundable.  I really hate to do this, but due to so many cancellations, I have to change this policy.  If you join another IWF's tour in the future, your deposit will be rolled over for that tour.  (This applies only to the original tour member) Otherwise, their will be no refund of your $500 deposit for any reason.   Final payment is due no later than 60 days before departure of tour.

e.  Deposits and balance payments are accepted by check, credit card using PayPal, or through bank transfer if you are a Bank Of America customer.  Make checks payable to:  Suzan Rozypal.  PayPal information is available at www.PayPal.com. There is a 5% non-refundable fee if using PayPal.  You must figure this amount in with each payment made on PayPal.  After your deposit has been received you will be sent an invoice with the due date for the balance of payment.

f.  BFF discount:  Traveling again and again with IWF's just got even better.  Here are the "thank you" discounts for previous tour members.
2nd tour - $100 discount
3rd tour - $150 discount
4th tour - $200 discount
5th tour - $250 discount
6th tour - $300 discount

g.  Cancellations and refunds:  In the unlikely event that the tour would be canceled,  you would be entitled to a 100% refund within 2 weeks after the tour's cancellation. 

If you cancel the tour reservation for any reason:

  • More than 60 days before tour starting date:  100% refund of anything already paid, less your $500 deposit.

  • Less than 60 days before tour starting date:  100% of your total payment, less your deposit ($500), is refundable for emergency medical reasons for yourself or immediate family member or for documented cases of accident, flood, fire, or crime. If you cancel for personal reasons, there will be an extra $500 charge.  ($1000 total)  I am very flexible on reasons for tour cancellation, however they must be reasonable.  This is a small group tour, so any cancellations affect the entire group.  I will do my best to work with you on whatever issues arise.  I will also work to make changes to your rooming arrangements if necessary, but please understand that it may be too late to make any changes.  If you booked as a double room traveler and have to change to a single room traveler, you will have to pay the single supplement plus any other charges that the hotel may require at such a late date.

  • Less than 30 days before tour starting date:  If you must cancel for any reason after this period, I will calculate your refund based on expenses that have been prepaid for the upcoming tour such as hotels, meals, tours, etc., that cannot be refunded to me.  Your trip deposit of $500 will not be refunded.

  • After tour starting date (In Italy):   If for any reason you must interrupt your trip after arriving in Italy, I will calculate the amount to be refunded based on daily costs already incurred during the tour and any prepaid expenses.  Your trip deposit of $500 will not be refunded.  Once again, I will work with you, but chances are there will not be much refunded at this point.  (See trip insurance information below)

2.  INSURANCE:  You are encouraged to purchase your own travel insurance to cover cancellation coverage, airline tickets, trip delay, lost luggage or any potential medical expenses.  Italy With Friends tours do not provide any protection coverage of any sort and you agree to travel at your own risk.  You can find trip insurance for sale online and at most local travel agencies. 

3.  LUGGAGE:  (PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THESE RESTRICTIONS)  You are allowed one (1) roller bag no larger than 26x17x11.   These dimensions (height, 26in.) must also include any rollers on the bag.  I know that many of the new bags have very large rollers, so be sure and include them in your measurement.  This bag must not be bigger than any of these approved dimensions when starting tour.  (I understand that the depth (11in.) may grow as the trip progresses)  If you have any concerns or questions about your bag size, please contact me immediately.  I am sorry to be so strict about this issue,but luggage space is limited in the van and I must make it very clear to everyone how important these restrictions are.  You are also allowed one (1) small carry-on type bag.  Once again, I stress the word small.  It can only be something like a small back-pack, tote bag or duffle.  Any type of bag with rollers does not meet this requirement.  Sorry, but a roller computer bag is too large to be considered your small carry-on type bag.  It must be able to fit under your van seat or to even be held on your lap.  See FAQ page for more on luggage restrictions.  ( Click here for information on packing suggestions )  If you exceed this limit there may not be space in the van to transport your excess luggage.  You are also solely responsible for handling your own luggage throughout the trip.  This includes loading or unloading the van.  You may have to pull your bags a short distance to your hotel and there could possibly be some stairs  It is a good idea to check your airline luggage restrictions and rules.  They seem to be changing frequently.  Remember the TSA restrictions for what you can bring (3 oz. liquid rule) in your carry-on bags.  (www.tsa.gov)  I know these restrictions sometimes scare people, but you can do it.  I have had many travel just fine with even smaller bags.  If all else fails, you can purchase an inexpensive bag in your final city for all of your new purchases or ship them home at Mail Box Etc.

4.  PHYSICAL ACTIVITY:   There is a lot of walking on IWF tours and you will spend quite a bit of time on your feet while sightseeing.  Walking means a medium pace for sightseeing and a fast pace for getting from site to site.  Some days you may possibly walk up to 10 miles, especially in Rome.  Also, you may be on your feet for up to 3 hours at a time while visiting a museum.  Comfortable shoes are a necessity.  Most of the streets are cobblestones and very hard!!!  Most medieval towns were built as hill-top fortifications so you will find some challenging climbs.  Many times bathrooms are not readily available.  I have included a Walking Key on your itinerary and note level for each day. I am very serious about these physical requirements and need for anyone considering joining an IWF's tour to be in good health.  (Please read the physical requirement note at bottom of page.)

5.  NO SMOKING:  Sorry but there will be no-smoking allowed in the van or during guided tours.  Italy has recently banned smoking in all public buildings, including hotels and restaurants.  Some hotels may be able to provide smoking rooms if necessary.   You will need to let me know this ahead of time.  I will allow plenty of time during the tour for you to grab a quick fix in the outdoors if necessary along with all the Italians who still smoke.  Just be considerate about smoke odor following you into the van.

6.  TOUR CHANGES:  All information provided on website or printed information is, to the best of my knowledge, correct.  However, I reserve the right to make changes in accommodations, visits, and itineraries at any time should it become necessary or desirable.  Delays or itinerary changes caused by acts of God, acts of terrorism, war, strikes, weather, traffic, traffic accidents, mechanical problems, negligence or other unforeseen circumstances are beyond my control and I am not obligated to pay guests compensation.  Also, there will be no refund for any pre-planned activities or meals that you choose to have away from the group, no matter what the reason.

7.  TOUR SIZE:  Italy With Friends tours are small group tours.  The tours are limited in size to 14 people, plus drivers.  There must be at least 4 people for a tour to run.  Most tours will consist of 8 people.  For a tour to go over 8 people is completely my decision.  This decision can be made at any time up until departure of each tour.  If a tour consists of over 8 people there will be two vehicles, so there will be times that guests will not be in a vehicle with me.   This will make it necessary for everyone to sit in both vehicles at some time during the tour. 

8.  LIMIT OF LIABILITY:  No responsibility is accepted for any loss, expense, accident, injury, or damage to any persons property due to the actions or omissions of any person, or any cause, including but not limited to acts of God, acts of terrorism, war, strikes, defects in machinery, breakdowns or equipment, weather, quarantine, negligence, loss of baggage, or other causes beyond our control.  Such losses being the responsibility of the guest.  Retrieval of such items will also be the sole responsibility of the guest.  Italy With Friends is in no way responsible the loss or retrieval of any guests personal items that are lost, misplaced or stolen during the tour in Italy.

9.  PRIVACY POLICY:  Any and all information submitted to us by you is held in strict confidence.  Your name, address, phone number, email address, tour inquiry or purchase information will be used only for the purpose of this tour and will not be shared with any third parties.  There will however, be pictures posted of all tour participants on my website throughout the tour and afterwards.  These will also be posted on Shutterfly.com. 
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Note on Physical Activity

You must be in GOOD physical condition to sign-up for an IWF trip.  They are not  "walking or hiking" tours, but there will be plenty of walking, some uphill and most on uneven cobblestones.  The walking pace will be medium for sightseeing.  It can be a faster pace for getting from site to site.  You must be able to keep up with everyone on the tour, which will mean moving along quickly at times.  You will need to be on your feet for extended periods of time.  (Especially in museums and in Rome) There are many steps (depending on the trip) that you will have to climb.  A hilltown really means a hilltown!  You will also have to handle your own luggage most of the time.  If for some reason you are unable to take part in all scheduled activities, you can usually stay at the hotel and relax. I will be glad to work with you on possible alternative activities if they are possible, but cannot guarantee it and you will not be compensated for this time on your own.   Also, if you decide to take public transportation to or from a sight or restaurant that I usually walk to, it will be at your own expense.  Please make sure that you do understand these requirements fully before you consider signing up for one of my tours.  I will plan time for you to relax, but have found that most people want to see as much as possible while in Italy.   Most towns are made for walking and this is how we get around.  Don't worry, I bring plenty of ibuprofen along.