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It was truly a trip of a lifetime!  Every place we went had a special surprise waiting.  I will never forget any of it and appreciate all the hard work you did to make my first trip to Tuscany a real success.

Susan C.
Austin, TX (2007)

What people are saying about traveling with Suzan and
"Italy With Friends".
Priceless, I traveled with Suzan last May and fell in love around every corner and I do mean every view/every village/every meal.  First I didn't want to leave Florence, then San Gimignano, until we were in the next place and that was exactly where I wanted to be. Fun, knowledgeable, and passionate, along with her great sense of humor, Suzan makes everyday festive and memorable, as well as balanced and relaxed.  Never a dull moment, from our group, to the people we met, the places we experienced, everything we learned, all we ATE/DRANK!  I am on the 3rd "case" of olive oil from Contucci...Her passion is contagious!

Debra W.
Corpus Christi, TX (2007) (2013)
Traveling with Suzan was the experience of a lifetime!  Everything we did, everywhere we went, was wonderful.  We were able to get close to the wonderful Italian people, landscapes, and the unique way of life found only in Tuscany.  The food was outstanding.  Learning about wine was really fun even though I am not much of a wine drinker.  I am already planning to go back with a friend next year.

April C.
Flour Bluff, TX (2007)
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Suzan told me that I would become addicted to Italy.  She was right!  This is the perfect way to go.  All the details are pleasantly handled by Suzan.  All I had to do was enjoy...enjoy the scenery, enjoy the food and wine, enjoy traveling with great companions!  It will spoil you. Can't wait to go again.

Calvin G.
Addison, TX (2008)
Everyone wants a man just like David.View from Vis a' Vis hotel on the Italian RivieraThe Roman Colesseum
Beautiful Tuscan countryside.Sometimes you just want to sit and enjoy the beauty.Enjoying the tour at Castello Verrazzano
Suzan is like a walking encyclopedia!  Not only did we get to enjoy fabulous food, sights, and accommodations, but we got a history lesson too.  Talk about living the high life!  Everything was first class and so much fun!!!!  I want to go back tomorrow! I need to find someone to take the cooking class with me for an entire week.  I can't believe I got to learn how to make real Italian Gnocchi and Veal Bochantinni. Plus, I will always cherish my red Birkin Bag.

Regan P. (Little Miss Bossy)
Boston, MA (2007)
This was the trip of a lifetime!  I'm so glad that Regan, April, and I got to experience this trip with Suzan.  There is nothing more exciting than traveling with the people you love.  I never dreamed that this country could be soooo beautiful!  We drank the wine, mingled with the people, bought the pottery, and most of all,  learned so much history.  Suzan----well--she just knows EVERYTHING.  She could TELL us all of the history.  I'm going back with my husband as soon as possible; he will love everything--especially the Italian Wine Dinners.

Ciao (I am now fluent in Italian)
Bonnie R.
Boerne, Texas (2007)
Wildflowers in MayFun in a sunflower field
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Summer tour in Rome
Thank you for a wonderful,  memorable and gastronomically fantastic tour of Tuscany.  We will take home many fond memories and several extra pounds, not all of which will be in our luggage.  We especially enjoyed the small hill towns, which I am sure are not on most tour itineraries.  Our favorite day, however, was the extraordinary cooking class with Guido.  We will talk about that for years!

Best Wishes for many more safe and enjoyable trips wherever you may travel.

Lynne and Steven S.
Avon, CT (2009) (2015)
We so enjoyed ourselves and hanging out with everyone on the tour.  You are the consummate host, so diplomatic, yet kind.  We were amazed at all the extra perks that you included in the trip.  You are truly a gifted travel organizer and your passion for Italy shows in what you plan.  We both are so glad to know you.  Thanks again, for giving us the opportunity to explore the beauty that is Italy!

Karin and Jan-Micheal S.
Frisco, TX (2009)
Enjoying the view in SienaHard at work learning about Italian cusine at Badia A ColtibuonoVerrazzano Winery tour and lunch.
The trip was incredible.  I think it was the best trip any of us ever experienced.  We will never know the effort your work and planning took; but we want you to know your choices could not have been more perfect.  Thank you for such a great time together.

Debbi , Randy, Louis and Rae
Marrietta, GA (2009)
Finally got Lynn to smile in a picture.  Only after a great meal!
A great day on the Cinque Terre Via dell' Amore.
Enjoying Guido's guided tour of the Bada a' Coltibuono cellars.
Taking a few moments to just take in the history all around at the Roman Forum.
In front of the Holy Door into St. Peter's Basilica.
Calvin ready to tackle the ancient town of Cittadella.
Susan gliding along on a gondola ride in Venice.
Debra enjoying lunch at Castello Verrazzano.
Yes, you can drink a beer on the streets of Rome!
Learning all about wine tasting.
Celebrating birthdays in Tuscany.
Thank you for an unbelievable experience.  We had the time of our life.  Thank you for your passion and your patience.  (Hey you two, I really enjoyed all of the comments from your friends and family on the blog.  Suzan)

Jerry and Pam R.
Methuen, MA (2010)

What a wonderful adventure!  We both had an absolute blast.  The itinerary was a great introduction to these diverse areas of this beautiful country.  The small size of the group added a lot to our enjoyment, as did the fact that we all got along so well.  You do a great job as a guide---hitting just the right balance between just enough and too much information about the various sights.  Our families back home enjoyed following your blog as well.  Don't be surprised if we turn up on your fall tour one of these years.

Mark and Cathy F.
Navasota,  Texas (2011)
Mark and Cathy give a thumbs up to the Texas A&M University campus town in Tuscany.
  Suzan, I so enjoyed my time with you in Italy!  I appreciate your easy going travel style, sense of humor, knowledge of all things Italian, including rich history and you ability to make the sights come alive.  I have recommended you & Italy With Friends to all my friends.

Sandra H.
Beaumont, TX (2012)

Sandra and her olive tree adventure.
I am not big on seeing Europe via a tour group.  However, upon reading Suzan's philosophy about touring and tour size and a review of the itinerary, I decided to give it a shot.  I was attracted by the small size of the group, the itinerary-covering a range of areas but not too ambitious and with some free time and the reasonable cost.  Suzan's attention to detail and her assistance and patience in accommodating some special rooming arrangements for my friends and I were the final factor in our decision to go.
The trip itself was wonderful.  I saw so many things and did so many things that I wouldn't have been able to do on my own.  Our itinerary was great but not overly ambitious.  Each scheduled day included great things, but we also had time to enjoy each thing as opposed to some tours where you are constantly running to the next place.  We also had some flexibility with most items so that if something else came up , for example an unexpected opportunity for a guided tour at the American Military Cemetery, we were able to take advantage of it.
Most meals were included and they were wonderful.  Our food at the cooking school and each of the wineries were exceptional as was our food at the winery/farm and in the various small towns.  I liked the fact that , while most meals were included in the tour price, we also had some times when we could select our own places to dine.  Wines were included with most of our meals and they were all wonderful.
I really enjoyed the small group size, the flexibility when needed in our schedule and the focus on smaller towns.  Suzan was most helpful when anyone had a question and she truly has an exceptional level of knowledge of Italy and the regions visited.
I would recommend Suzan's tours to everyone looking for the small group experience and for a picture of the real Italy.

Michelle M.
Saginaw, MI (2009) (2013) (2014) (2015)
Michelle enjoying the good life in San Gusme.
Michelle and fellow travelers Berta and Chris at the pasta factory tour.
My husband and I had a wonderful time on our trip with Suzan.  As predicted, we fell in love with Italy.  We knew that traveling with a larger group was not for us and hoped that our group of 8 would be just what we were looking for....it was.  We felt very fortunate to have such a great group.  Suzan was great right from the first contact with her.  She answers questions and even anticipates questions that you might have.  She's a wealth of help and knowledge.  She even helped us find a better price on our airfare.
The hotels she uses are wonderful, as well as the restaurants.  She's very fair and does whatever she can to adapt/adjust/change anything in the middle of the trip, all in  the name of making the trip even more personal and wonderful.  Suzan shares a history of what you're seeing and is a great conversationalist.  The entire trip is a class act and well organized.  We felt that our time was well utilized and only wish we didn't have to leave at the end of the trip.  It was a very memorable experience and we hope she'll expand the areas she offers tours in. 
We can highly recommend Suzan and are hoping some of our friends will book with her someday.  Even our friends that independently travel to Italy said we really had a great itinerary and experience with Suzan.   We will be glad to talk with any folks that are considering booking with Suzan and want to talk with someone who's been there.

Terri and Les M.
Topeka, Kansas (2010)
Les and Terri start off the Via dell' Amore in the right way!
I don't know how you could improve this tour.  It was one of the best I have been on.  Your are a marvelous tour leader, so prepared and knowledgeable.  The hotels were far more than I had hoped for, very clean and comfortable.  The locations provided easy access to the area.
I did have sore legs and got a little weary at times, but I wouldn't have missed anything that you had planned.  Thank you for making a dream come true!

Darlene P.
Diamondhead, Mississippi (2010)

Darlene in Portofino.
I will always have many fond memories of this trip, the places we visited, the food and wine, not forgetting the friendship of my fellow travelers and of course your warmth and friendship.  Nothing was too much trouble.  I admire your planning and am in awe of your driving.  A perfect trip!  I'd say to anyone contemplating a trip to Italy.....go with Suzan and see "Italy With Friends".

Marie H.
Tasmania, Australia (2010)
Marie at the Trevi Fountain in Rome.
Suzan's "Italy With Friends" guided trip deserves a 5 star rating!  Suzan is so knowledgeable about the history of Italy in general, and the places we went in particular, that I feel I've had an academic tour, as well as a sightseeing adventure.  I learned so much and am continuing to research the history of the people and places we visited. 
All the hotels were lovely and the ones in Tuscany had great views.  The meals were varied and fabulous, the winery visits and wine tasting so informative, and the special events, such as the cooking class and visit to cheese maker were all superior.
Perhaps one of the most important aspects of this particular tour was the small group atmosphere and closeness we all soon felt for one another.  Even though I had never met 7 of the 8 members of the group, I now feel I have 7 great new friends who shared laughter and fun and wonderful memories. 
Although I want to continue traveling, I can't imagine I will ever have the one-of-a-kind experience I had on the Italy With Friends tour.  I'm recommending it to everyone I know.

Nancy V.
Port Aransas, Texas (2010)
Thank you Suzan so very much for the great trip to Italy experience.  I will never forget it!  You trip was truly a wonderful adventure.

Toni M.
Houston,  Texas (2011)
Our trip to Italy was truly amazing.  It by far exceeded my expectations.  Your love of this country brought it to life for me...made it real and I, too feel the passion for Italy now.
Suzan, I appreciate your sensitivity to all of our travel mates.  You took into consideration all opinions and desires and met everyone's needs-----how do you do that?  Also----"somehow" you had everyone on time.  In past travel experiences we encountered wait times for fellow travelers.  On your trip I am thinking that no one wanted to be late and miss whatever wonderful things you had planned. 
What I would change---AC in van (Ha) and extend our trip with you longer....maybe a month or two.

Marsha F.
Nevada, Missouri (2010) (2011)
Toni at the Roman Forum.
Marsha enjoys the Tuscan wind in Montepulciano.
Nancy with a really big cork.
Thanks so much for a trip we will never forget!  I feel we have gained a special friend along the way!  Come tour the VC.

Jeff and Jan B.
Nevada, Missiouri (2011)
Jeff and Jan at Santa Anna Camprena monastery.
Thanks for everything!  We enjoyed the trip and enjoyed spending time with our new friends in Italy!

Donald and Cynthia B.
Atlanta, Georgia (2011)
Thanks for showing us such a wonderful time.  It FAR exceeded all our expectations!  You are a natural at the "tour guide" thing with a balanced mix of education and fun, and your passion is contagious. 

Thanks again from your "fully booked" group.

Debra, Shonda, Linda and Susan  (2007)
Amazing...this truly was the trip of a lifetime for us.  We knew we wanted to visit Italy, but were not excited about having to navigate our way through the details of things to see, places to stay, and driving in a country where we don't speak the language.  Suzan's tour was recommended by a friend, and we are so grateful!!  She did all the work, and allowed us to show up, enjoy the country, the food, the wine, and the people.  Suzan is fun, flexible, and full of information!  Not only did we love the trip, we made new lifelong friends with the others in the group.  Thanks Suzan for a wonderful experience. 

Don and Deb
Midland, Michigan (2011)
Thank you so much for making the trip so interesting and exciting.  It was great getting to know and make new friends. I am telling all my friends, if they ever plan on going to Italy, they should call you.

Nanette W.
Beaumont, Texas (2012)
Nanette with her daughter Julie in Venice.
We had such a wonderful time.  The tour was fantastic and everyone in the group got along so well.  The tour was so well organized.  The depth of your knowledge about Italy made it even better.  I can see why you love the country as much as you do.  Hopefully we will be able to join you again on another tour.

Jim and Marilyn G.
Canton, Mass. (2012)
Thank you so much for putting in all of the hard work and effort that resulted in Patti and me having such a  wonderful experience in out Heart of Italy tour.  I couldn't have imagined a better trip.  It had the right amount of activities, the right amount of free time, the right amount of city versus country touring, and of course, the right amount of good people.  I think that making so many new friends and sharing this wonderful time with them was a key ingredient in the overall feeling of exuberance and satisfaction that we all had at the end. 

Enjoying great food and wine, cultural treasures, wonderful Tuscany, limitless shopping opportunities, and magnificent architecture "comes with the territory" of Italy.  But doing so in a stess-free manner, with a knowledgeable, passionate and vibrant person leading the way made the whole experience one that Patti and I will always cherish.

Rick and Patti D.
Langhorne, PA (2012)
(France 2014)  (2016)
Enjoying that wonderful gondola ride in Venice.
A tour of the Roman Colosseum.
Greetings Suzan, just want to thank you for the wonderful experience we had on our Italy With Friends tour.  The trip surely exceeded expectations.  Your knowledge of Italy's history is amazing!  The accommodations were 5 star!  The variety of sights were perfect.  I honestly think your passion for Italy is what made this experience so memorable.  We could not have done this without you. Take care and hope to see you again for another amazing vacation.

Don and Desiree C.
Phoenix, AZ (2012)

At the Capitoline Museum in Rome.
Larry and I had such a great trip and you made it effortless for us - pure pleasure.  You really do a wonderful job with these trips.  We had a great time.  We may need to think about one of your other trips at some time.

Larry and Peggy M.
Cincinnati, OH (2012)
(France 2015)
Magnificent Pisa.
Enjoying delicious food and wine.
Truly a wonderful experience.  There are no words to describe the beauty of Italy.  Suzan is an exceptional guide and provided a tour above and beyond my wildest dreams!!

David and Nancy W.
Nevada, MO (2013)

Thanks for a most memorable Italian holiday.  Our Italy With Friends tour far surpassed our expectations.  Your knowledge of Italy is amazing and your passion for Italy is contagious.  We feel fortunate to have made seven new special friendships on this wonderful adventure.  Until we meet again, arrivederci and grazie mille.

Mike and Barb K.
St. Helena Island, SC (2013)

Suzan,  we have been on several small group tours and your "Best of Italy" tour far exceeded our expectations.  We learned a lot about Italy and the customs of the different areas from you.  The restaurants and wine cellars you took us to were fabulous with outstanding food.  We would definitely tour with you again.  Thank you for the wonderful time and great memories.

Rich and Jan T.
St. Louis, MO (2013)

Suzan, I know everyone must tell you "thank you" and "what a wonderful " trip, etc., etc.  But I REALLY want to thank you!!  You weren't just a wonderful "tour guide", you were a gracious hostess who shared your intimate and remarkable knowledge of Italy with us so generously.  I felt like the entire country was your living room (better still, your kitchen) and we were your guests.  And what a people manager!  You took a diverse group of people and made us all feel comfortable and bonded with each other.  Thank you so much!

Joe G.
Doylestown, PA (2013)

OMG eating and drinking your way through Italy with a small tour was the best of everything............From the minute I started looking into this trip and got to know Suzan by phone and email, I could tell she left no detail to chance and I was right.  Every Tuscan village, hotel and restaurant were hand picked and just wonderful......Our cooking class was a highlight as well as the best pizza ever in Castellina.  She was a wonderful guide and drove the hills of Tuscany like a true Italian.  Your graciousness and generosity made this trip so wonderful!  Grazie Suzan

Candis H.
Woodland, CA (2013) (2015)

Candis in Orvieto.
During the month of September 2013, my family of four had Suzan guide us on a thirteen day trip through Italy (with the exception of Venice - my choice).  I cannot begin to convey how pleased we were with her guiding.   We loved her constant history lessons throughout the trip: loved her choices of restaurants (three restaurant experiences I will remember the rest of my life) and the itinerary.  What was the biggest surprise was the quality of places we stayed at.  You did a great job Suzan.

Mr. Lynn Johnston
Sisters, Oregon (2013)

Lynn and Miles Johnston at the Roman Forum.The whole family at the forum.
After spending 11 days with Suzan in Italy, I feel like I have not only seen, tasted, sipped and experienced the best parts of the Tuscan region, I have also been lucky enough to have someone who truly loves Italy carefully curate the best possible trip.  Suzan is not simply a guide, she becomes a friend sharing a joyful experience.  I could not think of a better way to see Italy, and would encourage anyone considering a trip to place your trust in Suzan's capable hands.

Mariah H.
Dallas, TX  (2013)

Mariah enjoys an olive oil tasting.
Suzan is the perfect combination of your favorite aunt, best camp counselor, and the only teacher in high school who was interesting enough to keep you awake.  The depth and breadth of her knowledge and her love of Itlay made for a truly unforgettable experience.  Her personalized mix of excetional accommodations, amazing food, real Italians who really were happy to see her (and us!), lots of fun and laughter with people who started out as stangers and became good friends--what more could you ask for? Saving my pennies to go again!

Tina T.
San Antonio, TX  (2013)

Tina and her sister Tira in San Gimignano.
Debra's second trip to Tuscany with friend Judy Knowles.
I am very reluctant to give a review on my recent trip to Italy with Suzan because when everyone hears how wonderful it was her trips will fill up fast and there might not be room for my return trip.  She just might have to give up her day job and do this full time.

This was my first trip to Italy and it was everything I hoped for and more.  It was great traveling with a small group instead of one of those large tour buses.  It allowed you a bit more freedom and flexibility.

The hotels were charming, clean and modern.  The food and wine at the restaurants was delicious.  The excursions were educational and enjoyable.  The scenery was as beautiful as you see in the movies but so much better.   The itinerary was great.  We got to see a lot of Florence and the beautiful and unique cities of Tuscany and yet still had enough down time to shop and relax.

You couldn't ask for a better guide than Suzan.  She was  very knowledgeable about the history,  art and customs of the places we visited.  She had great recommendations for shopping, different foods to try and places to visit.  She made the trip so much better.

So if you want a great trip, this is the one.  But please, let's keep it between ourselves as we wouldn't want Suzan to have to give up her day job for us. 

Pam L.
Flint, MI (2013)

Pam learns how to cook Italian.
Italy With Friends Tour is exactly that - touring with Friends.  I have traveled a lot and  done a lot of tours but never like Suzan's.  Her tours are small, well organized, cover a lot of cities and sights, food and wine is excellent and plentiful, and Suzan has an amazing knowledge of the history of everywhere you visit.  I never felt rushed and Suzan really makes sure that everyone is enjoying the trip.  She allows for leisurely mornings and personal free time from the group if you want.

I did extensive research before booking my trip with Suzan's group and nowhere can you find a better price for a tour or a tour you put together yourself.  Book a trip with Italy With Friends now.  You will not be disappointed.

Fran P.
Atlanta, GA  (2014) (2015)

The trip was wonderful!  Doug and I are so glad we decided to come to Italy with you.  The group of people was great as well as the hotels, food, excursions - everything.  I think we have fallen in love with Tuscany.  We will definitely recommend your tours.

Doug and Julie C.
Brighton, MI  (2014)

Doug and Julie in the Roman Colosseum.
Fran with the towers of San Gimignano.
Thank you Suzan for the wonderful trip.  We re-live it every time we look at our pictures.  The vacation was beyond our wildest dreams - all the hotels were wonderful, the meals were delicious, and the tours were very interesting and fun.  We couldn't have asked for a better group to travel with.  I realize you don't have a lot of control over that, and we really lucked out - but we really felt like we were traveling with friends.   We are looking forward to going back some day.  Thanks again for the wonderful introduction to a captivating Italy.

Brian and Debra K.
Tallahassee, FL (2014)

Brian and Debra on the Ponte Sant' Angelo in Rome.
Suzan, you have made this tour an unbelievable experience for me!....a realization of a long time dream to come to Italy. Thank you for everything.  You truly are an awesome person and an outstanding tour and travel professional. 

Sue S.
Little Rock, AK (2014)

Laughter, fun, information, excitement, new friends, great food and an amazing time.  What is the common denominator in all of this:  Suzan!  You have been the heart of this great trip.  I am so grateful for every minute spent with you.  I feel I've found a new friend.  For everything...thank you.

Pat C.
Malibu, CA (2014)

Pat in the beautiful garden of Badia A' Coltibuono.
Sue with that famous leaning tower of Pisa.
Suzan, we enjoyed our time with you and cannot stop taking about all the great hotels, food and sights that we experienced.  You did a great job and we would love to do Northern Italy with you in 2016.

Chris and Merrillyn W.
Peoria, AZ (2014) (2016)

Chris and Merrillyn with the beautiful Tuscan countryside.
Suzan, we had a wonderful trip!  I am not sure it could have gone any better.  We have such wonderful memories from our adventures!  Our day visiting Cinque Terre has to be one of the best!  The shopping was amazing.  Thank you for all that you did for us and the planning that went into the trip.  We enjoyed everything from the hotels we stayed in, the food you recommended, the wine tasting (hurray for Gino!), the splendid sights, and of course the company was delightful. 

Frank and Patti S.
Austin, TX (2014)
Frank and Patti enjoying the Cinque Terre coast.
Our memories are unforgettable! We saw the beauty, and learned about the history and culture of Italy from Suzan, who presented it with contagious enthusiasm.  She kept moving with timely efficiency, therefore we saw all that was planned, while making new friends.  Suzan arranged for my husband to celebrate a memorable birthday at San Donato vineyard.  In the evening the party continued at La Terrazza with may laughs, hugs, presents and wine, while overlooking the breathtaking landscape around San Gimignano.  I could go on and on about our trips, but I will conclude by saying "there is no other way to experience Italy than with Italy With Friends", and we thank you.

Bob and Pat Donato
Media, PA (2015)

Bob and Pat in Positano.
Thank you again for the wonderful time we had in Italy.  We couldn't have asked for a better trip or group to do it with.  I'd like to make a photo book of all the wonderful pictures I took.  So many great memories.  You never know, maybe we could do a France tour some day with you.  

Dean and Kim W.
Dassel, MN (2015)
Dean and Kim in Rome.
Thank you again for a wonderful trip.  I have heard what other people with other tour companies say about their trips  and I say, "they sure did miss out on a great experience with Italy With Friends".  Take care.

Dee F.
Summerton, SC (2015)
Dee and Linda in Positano.
Sad the vacation is over, but the memories will stay with me forever.  It truly was an amazing experience.  You are an excellent tour guide and the experience exceeded our expectations.  I would highly recommend you to anyone traveling to Italy.  Thank you for the beautiful ornament parting gift.  That added an extra special touch to our tour with you.

Tony and Heidi O.
Middle Island, NY (2015)
Tony and Heidi in Venice.
We enjoyed our tour of Italy with you.  What a great job you did in making all the arrangements.  Thank you so much.

Rudy and Marilyn R.
Auburn, WA  (2016)
Rudy and Marilyn enjoying the garden.
Thank you for a most fabulous Italian Holiday that we were able to experience.  It was truly amazing and we appreciated your expertise in teaching us about Italy while we enjoyed the sights, the food, the wine and the company. 

May 2016 Italian Holiday tour members

This truly was our "holiday of a lifetime"  Thank you.
Rick and Janice B.  Medicine Hat, AB Canada

Thank you! Thank you ! Grazie! Grazie! Grazie!
Chris and Mel D.  Medicine Hat, AB Canada

Thank you for everything.
Myron and Arlene E.  Cortlandt Manor, NY

Thanks for a fabulous holiday.
Kirk and Robin W.  Spokane, WA
Seeing Italy through your eyes was a magical experience.  Thank you !  Thank you ! Thank you!  I can't stop thinking about my trip and I would love to travel with you again someday.  You are such a gift to all who travel with you.

God Bless,
Laura M.
Independence, KY (2015)
Thank you so, so much for providing us with such a beautiful tour of Italy with Friends.  You always take us to the best places, the perfect hotels,  and we eat fantastic food.  You are a gem.  I hope you plan to book more tours in a couple of years and will consider letting us join you.   Best to you in 2017.

Cathy G.
Holbrook, AZ  (2016)
Cathy loves Verrazzano.
Laura and her Mom at the Roman Colosseum.
A great group at the Roman Colosseum.
I am one-half of the "two cousins" who had a wonderful Italian Holiday in October.  As an Italy With Friends alum, I was thrilled to experience again the pleasures of traveling with Suzan.  Her passion for Italy simply draws you in.  In fact, we have just signed up for another tour in 2018.  Thank you for sharing your love of Italy with "friends," Suzan!

Donna I.
Edwardsville, IL (2017)
WOW ...what an adventure!  The organization and excellent choice of "points of interest" to tour and learn about presented a well-balanced view of important and historical cities in Italy.  Great hotels, restaurants, activities and just plan fun keepsake-memories.

Fred and Dale F.
Six Mile, SC   (2017)