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Magical Vistas TourĀ 
April 27 - May 9, 2019
Beautiful Lake Maggiore.
First toast to our Magical Vistas Tour Adventures.
Gorgeous flowers in Stresa.
Welcome dinner in Stresa on Lake Maggiore.
Our lovely Hotel La Palma in Stresa.
Fisherman's Island on Lake Maggiore.
A ferry ride on Lake Como.
Visiting Belagio on Lake Como.
A visit to Piazza Duomo in Como.
A private boat ride on Lake Maggiore.
Mike checks out the model of Palazzo Borremeo.
With our guide, Giada in Palazzo Borremeo.
The amazing gardens on Isola Bella.
Lake Maggiore and the town of Stresa.
Mike and Barb on Isola Bella.
Richard and Gail on Isola Bella.
Paul and Barb on Isola Bella.
David and Brenda on Isola Bella.
A visit to the gardens of Isola Bella on Lake Maggiore.
This white peacock was definitely showing off for everyone.
Barbara and Gail with the friendly peacock at Isola Bella.
More peacocks???
Brenda shows off the beautiful azaleas at Isola Bella.
Paul and Barb with our boat captain, Maximilliano.
Wine tasting in La Morra.
The local wines of the Langhe Hills.
Learning all about Langhe Hills wine.
Now that is what you call a Magical Vista!  In La Morra.
Barolo,a perfect place for wine tasting.
Can wine drinking cause you to shrink???
Look at this amazing view with the snow covered Alps in the distance.
Is that a "peeping Mike"?
The view from our hotel Tota Virginia in Piedmonte.
Our lovely hotel in Piedmonte, Tota Virginia.
The magical vista from our hotel.
Richard checks out the amazing wine cellar at Tota Virginia.
With our delightful host, Riccardo at Tota Virginia.
Castello Grinzane Cavour.
Yes, David is king of the world!
The magical vista of the Langhe Hills.
Paul and Barb on their terrace at Tota Virginia.
The ladies enjoy our wine cellar tour.
The Duomo in Lucca.
Learning about local pastries in Lucca.
Tasting a local health tonic in Lucca.
A fun time on the "delectable tour" in Lucca.
A feast of flowers for Santa Zita in Lucca.
In Piazza Amphitheater in Lucca with our guide Gabriele.
Barbara found a treasure in Lucca.
A visit to the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa.
The 11th century Duomo in Pisa.
The beautiful 11th century mosaic in the Pisa Duomo.
Inside the Pisa Baptistery.
Pisa's Camposanto cemetery with soil from the Holy Land.
A lovely slice of Tuscan heaven at La Corte dei Papi Relais.  Welcomed warmly by owner David.
Richard and Gail in their little cottage, the old "pig sty".
Barbara is in love with her fancy shower and spa tub.
Barb and Paul with the beautiful pool at La Corte.
What a gorgeous setting near Cortona.
Our amazing dinner at La Corte.
A glorious day for exploring Tuscany and the Avignonesi Winery.
Let's start the wine tasting!
Exploring the Avignonesi vineyards.
Learning all about the making of Avignonesi Vin Santo.
A gourmet lunch at Avignonesi.
Mike and Barb in a beautiful lunch setting.
The magical vista from the Vis a Vis hotel in Sestri Levante.
Enjoying a refreshing drink on the terrace of the Vis a Vis hotel in Sestri Levante.
A visit to Riomaggiore on the Cinque Terre.
On the Cinque Terre.
A beautiful view from the hotel balconies.
Evening on the Bay of Silence in Sestri Levante.
The high hill town of Orvieto in the region of Umbria.
A cold and wet group in Orvieto.
The amazing frescoes by Luca Signorelli in the Orvieto Duomo.
A very special dinner in Orvieto at Tratoria Tippica Etrusca.
Local Umbrian favorites.
Richard has a really big Tiramisu for dessert.
The guys have some fun in Soloman's cellar.
A happy group in rainy Orvieto.
Ready for a tour of ancient Pompei.
A guided tour of Pompei with Antonio.
Antonio gets excited about Pompeii.
Exploring Pompeii.
Piazza Tasso in Sorrento.
Lovely Sorrento.
The Cloisters in Sorrento.
Mike and Barb enjoy an Aperol Spritzer at our dinner in Sorrento.
A beautiful and yummy dessert at Ristorante Tasso in Sorrento.
Sunset in Sorrento.
The stunning Amalfi Coast.
Positano on the Amalfi Coast.
Welcome to Valenti Positano for a Limoncello class.
At the lovely garden of Valenti Positano.
A wonderful time at Valenti Positano learning to make Limoncello.
A final shot of the group with our view of Mt. Vesuvius from Hotel Il Nido.