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France & Italy Adventure
May 18 - 31, 2019
A new group arrives into St-Remy-de-Provence.
John and Margaret enjoy our welcome dinner.
Happy Birthday to John.
Pretty square in St. Remy.
Lovely Hotel du Soleil in St Remy.
The perched village of Gordes.
A rainy day in Gordes.
Poppies are popping up everywhere.
The lovely red town of Roussillon.
A pretty Provencal village.
Jerry and Pam with the Ochre Cliffs.
The stunning Ochre cliffs near Roussillon.
Doug and Gail in the Ochre Canyon.
Pam and Marie enjoying the Ochre trail.
Fred and Marie in Roussillon.
Roussillon is an amazing village.
A wonderful lunch in Roussillon at La Petit Gourmand.
Yummy lunch.
A visit to Chateau Fines Roches for a delicious lunch.
Chateau Fines Roches.
Gail makes a pretty picture at our gourmet lunch.
Jerry and John look very comfortable in our beautiful setting for lunch.
The rocky soil around the future Chateauneuf-du-Pape wine.
Chuck and Gail may just stay a while at Chateau Fines Roche.
Wine tasting in Chateauneuf-du-Pape.
Yes, we found a chocolate shop.
John and Marie found plenty to like at the Bernard Castelain chocolatier shop.
Wine tasting at Cave St. Charles in Chateauneuf-du-Pape.
The wine region along the Rhone River valley.
A lovely place for a wine tasting.
The amazing medieval village of Les Baux.
Pretty streets of Les Baux.
The village of Les Baux.
Exploring the old Castle of Les Baux.
The old castle of Les Baux.
The guys check out a medieval Catapult.
The kids are having fun at the castle.
John enjoys an amazing view.
Exploring the ramparts.
Chateau d' Estoublon.
Pam and Marie at Chateau d' Estoublon.
Pretty chapel and stained glass windows of the estate.
A wonderful opportunity to learn about Vincent van Gogh.
A self portrait painted in this place of healing.
A  beautiful garden at St. Paul's.
Those famous Irises.
The peaceful cloister.
A very interesting visit to the one-time home of Vincent van Gogh.
We have arrived in Nice along the French Riviera
Marie and Fred on the French Riviera.
Place Massena in Nice.
The beautiful Mediterranean sea.
Yes, it is fun at the fountain in Nice.
Of course, the guys have to get in the game.
Old Town Nice
Time for dinner in Old Town.
Procuitto and Melon.
Cold, no problem.  They give you a blanket.
Tarte Tintin for dessert.
Margaret and John enjoy the weekly market in St. Remy.
The famous Cavaillon melons.
A super fun wine tasting with Francesca in La Morra.
Plenty of Barolo wine to choose from in La Cantina in La Morra.
Marie and Margaret find the perfect shirts to go with the wine tasting.
What a picture!  A great group with a great view over the Langhe Hills.
Jerry and Pam make a pretty picture in La Morra.
A visit to where it all begins, Barolo.
A perfect place to enjoy the beautiful Langhe Hills vineyards.
Our lovely overnight setting at Fontanafredda.
Ready to dine on some Piedmontese cuisine and wine.
Yes, we did enjoy several delicious wines.
Not everyone enjoyed that Grappa!
A visit to the cellars at Fontanfredda.
Check out the chandelier in this Autogrill!
Piazza Amphitheatre in Lucca.
A wonderful meal "al fresco" in Lucca.
A visit to Pisa.
Having fun in the Pisan Baptistery.
Marie gets sassy in Pisa.
All dressed up for the celebration.
Here come the Color Guard.
The many celebration wreaths line the Wall of the Missing.
A medal of honor winner from Texas.
A lovely setting for these heroes.
Our amazing Memorial Day at the American Military Cemetery with Superintendent Angel Mathos.
Ready for a tour of Castello da Verrazzano.
The 10th century tower of Castello da Verrazzano.
A wonderful day at Castello da Verrazzano.
Marie and Fred learn all about how to make Vin Santo on the tour.
The ageing barrels at Verrazzano.
Ready for a lunch of homemade Tuscan favorites along with Verrazzano wines.  Salute!
Look who is drinking vino!!
Delicious grilled sausage and ribs.  YUM!
So this is what happens after "molto vino"!
All sorts of Verrazzano products to tempt.
Oh yes, they are feeling no pain!
San Gimignano, the city of Towers.
Medieval San Gimignano.
Piazza Cisterna in San Gimignano.
The Market Basket Six enjoy lunch with a view at Ristorante La Terrazza in San Gimignano.
The pretty castle in Castellina in Chianti.
The pretty irises in the garden of Palazzo Squarcialupi in Castellina.
The lovely pool and garden at Palazzo Squarcialupi.
Chuck and Gail make the trek up to our hotel in Castellina.
The beautiful Chianti Hills surrounding Castellina.
The high hill town of Volterra.
medieval buildings in Volterra.
Enjoying a "rainy" guided tour of Volterra with Moira.
Fattoria Lischeto and owner Giovanni.
A wonderful "farm to table" lunch.
Yummy lunch!
The farm mascot, Orazio.
Some of the farm's pecorino cheese producers.
The whole gang with Moira and Giovanni.
All dressed to check out the cheese producing facility.
Moira explains all about the cheese production.
Fresh Pecorino Cheese.
Meeting the sheep.
Shearing day at the farm.
The sheep enjoying their lunch while getting milked.
Florence, the capital of Tuscany.
The group with Michelangelo's David in Piazza Signoria.
Margaret finds a delicious and pretty gelato cone in Florence.
The Florence Duomo and Baptistery.
The Ponte Vecchio.
Jerry and Pam on the Arno River with the Ponte Vecchio.
A birthday celebration for John starts off the welcome dinner.
Pork tenderloin in France.
A lovely setting at Chateau Fines Roche.
Delicious French wines.
A pretty French pastry.
French Onion soup in Nice.
No shortage of vino in Italy.
Yummy desserts in Castellina.
The best Prosciutto and melon ever!
Faro salad at the farm.
Pizza is always great in Italy.
The king of Tuscan meats, Bistecca Fiorentina.