Picture Perfect Tour - September 2 - 13,  2018
A new group enjoys Venice.The Grand Canal in Venice.The Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal in Venice.Enjoying the good life and a Bellini on St. Mark's Square.John and Charlotte dancing in St. Mark's Square.  Whoop!What a great picture of a great group in Venice.
The Grand Canal in Venice.St. Mark's Square and Basilica.On top of St. Mark's.Enjoying a local beer in Venice.Yum!Yum, yum!!
Farewell to Venice and hello to Soave.Ready for some wine tasting in Soave.Our first wine tasting at Coffele in Soave.  Salute!The Coffele Winery in Soave.Welcome to Fair Verona.Piazza Brea in Verona, the one-time Roman Forum.
A stop on food and wine tour of Verona with our guide Diana.Arlene and Myron are ready to try some fresh tortellino. Warren and Jill, a couple of star crossed lovers in Verona.Hoping for love.  LOLVerona's 1st century AD Arena.John and Charlotte with a Verona treasure.
Renatta and Stefano get it started.Look at the color of those fresh egg yolks.Arlene and Myron are ready to get busy.Myron gets busy with the pasta dough.Charlotte works the dough for the pasta.It takes two to make that pasta.John working on that pasta.Mama shows everyone how to cut the pasta for tortellini.Stuffing the tortellini.Holy tortellini!Learning to make one of the local breads called tigelle or crescentina.Donna cuts the tigelle.Myron and Warren fix the plates of Salumi.  Who says men aren't handy in the kitchen?A fantasy for the eyes!Jill and Charlotte are ready to feast on fruits of their labors.The yummy rewards of hard work.Lunch time!One big happy family!
The ladies are ready to tour the Parmesan making facility.  Can you guess who they are?From the vats of milk into the containers.All dressed up to learn about making Parmesiano cheese.Finally a tasting of the parmesan.
That is a lot of Basalmico.  YUM!Romano shares his passion for his balsalmic vinegar.This is how Proscuitto begins.Of course, you have to also learn all about Proscuitto.One happy bunch enjoying all the delicious treasures of Emilia Romagna.Our great guide Andrea and our driver Claudio.
The castle of Dozza.The painted houses of Dozza.Medieval Dozza.A painted house in Dozza.Birthday wishes for Jill.Gnocco fritto (fried bread) and mortadella (boloney).  A perfect meal for me.
The Ferrari Museum.That is a winner!A vintage Ferrari.Myron drives a Ferrari.Getting all the poop on the dream car.An IWF's send off.  Bucket list no more!
Como's Duomo.Pretty piazza in Como.A visit to Bellagio on Lake Como.Lunch on Lake Como in Bellagio.The lovely lakeside village of Bellagio.How did that picture of Ferdinand get in here???
Can you guess what is important in the area?Hill towns and castles in Piedmonte.Myron and Arlene make a pretty perfect picture in the vineyards.Look at the size of those grapes!  Future Barolo wine.This is what drinking too much wine can do to you!!Definitely a meal to remember.Young lovers in the vineyards.It was a delicious as it is beautiful.Jill and Martin look pretty happy in this beautiful spot.Local wines.A pretty castle on a hill in Grinzane Cavour.Our amazing hotel in the Langhe Hills.
Milan' Duomo.Dinner with a view.  Wow!Another yummy treat.Some yummy and refreshing cocktails.Charlotte spins for good luck in the Galleria.A final toast in Milan.